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Lifting Cassandra’s Curse

Teachers are being treated more and more like Cassandra from Greek myth.  Cassandra, the story goes, could accurately foretell the future.

Her curse was that nobody believed her.  The same is true of our outstanding teachers.  They know what changes need to be made in our schools.  They are the experts.  Their problem is nobody listens to them.

There are the modern Cassandras in our midst who know, but nobody believes them.

I feel like a Cassandra.  I have taught elementary school, grades 1-8, junior college and college courses.  I have earned a PhD in educational psychology, worked twenty years as a school psychologist.  I also wrote a book on education and a column on education for twelve years.  I believe I know the answers to the problems in education today or at least the right questions to ask.  I believe many teachers and parents know the answers and the questions but only outside experts, mainly non-teaching men are believed.

This reminds me the New Yorker cartoon which shows a man crawling in the desert obviously in great distress.  He looks up and sees in the distance a podium with five people sitting behind it.  He sighs with relief and says:  Thank God, a panel of experts.

This blog will be written to provide solutions for the problems facing our schools.  The intention is to inspire you to share your solutions as well by joining the conversation.  Perhaps together, we can lift the curse of Cassandra.  Join me on my blog.   There is much to discuss.

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New Yorker Cartoon Photo credit.

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