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Warning About Fast-Tracking to Kindergarten

As a school psychologist with a PhD in educational psychology, I must warn parents about fast-tracking in kindergarten.  You may be doing your children a grave disservice to their intellectual development and creativity potential.

 As one researcher noted tests of creativity are not valid after third grade because children have learned not to ask good questions but just to fill in the blanks with the one right answer.

Hans Furth, a student of Jean Piaget and author of  “Piaget for Teachers” feels the educator’s role is not to treat the child as an ignorant adult to be stuffed with facts, but to remember that the child’s mind is growing and developing.

 Rousseau said, “A child ill taught is further from virtue than a child who has learned nothing… Give nature time to work before you take over her task, lest you interfere with her method.

 Learning must come from within and not imposed from outside.

 The next time your child comes home instead of asking if you got an “A” say did you ask any good questions today.Cobuilding girlClip Art licensed from Clip Art Gallery on


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