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Encouragement Worksheet

Which are examples of encouragement?  Can you identify the flaws in the discouraging statements?

1.      You’re the best math student in the class.

2.      Don’t worry about making a few mistakes now.  Most people make some mistakes when they try something new for the first time.

3.      Why can’t you get straight A’s like your older sister?  You wouldn’t know you two were from the same family.

4.      I know you can do it if only you’d try.

5.      Let’s try it together.

6.     You have improved your spelling a great deal this term.

7.     Your spelling is improving but you need to work on punctuation.

8.     You’d be so pretty if you lost 10 pounds.

9.     This class does a fine job of lining up for lunch.

10.    You did make a mistake on this problem.  What can you learn from it?

11.     I’m sure that you two can straighten out your argument.  Let me know what you decide to do.

12.     Your answer is absolutely correct but I have trouble reading your handwriting.

13.     Sure you can do it.  After all, you do have an IQ of 120.

14.     You’re doing better than I ever thought you could.  I’m impressed.

15.     I can understand that you are angry with Mary right now.  I’m sure you can handle it.

16.     If you would sit up straighter, your back might not get so tired.

17.      When you grow up you can make your own decisions.  Until that time you will do what you are told.

18.      Which do you think we should do?  Have a party or go to the movies together.

19.      If your best friend jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you want to do that too?  I don’t care what all your friends are doing.  You will do what is best for you.

20.     Let’s see if we can figure out why it didn’t work.



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