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Your Child’s First Three Years

Reading, talking, and listening to your in the first three years is critical. In order to thrive, babies need permanence, continuity, passion, and commitment. A mother has these qualities in abundance. Let us all strive to help her to do her job and be what the world needs most… “just a mother.”

Childhood is a Journey, not a Race.
Treat each child Uniquely, not Equally.

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Cassandra’s Classroom

Innovative Solutions For Education Reform

Teachers are being treated more and more like Cassandra from Greek myth. Cassandra, as the story goes, could foresee the future correctly. Her curse was that no one believed her. I feel like a Cassandra. I have taught elementary school, grades 1-8, junior college and college courses. I have earned a PhD in educational psychology, and worked twenty years as a school psychologist. I wrote columns on education for twelve years. I believe I know the answers to the problems in education today or at least the right questions to ask. I believe many teachers and parents know the answers and the questions but only outside experts, mainly non-teaching men are believed. Reading these articles may give you insights which will enable you to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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Arrows Swift and Far

Guiding Your Child Through School

How to Navigate the School System to Get the Most for Your Child

Our schools have a great deal to offer if people know how to use them well. When parents, teachers, and children understand each other, and the system, everybody benefits. You can best help your school by being supportive, by encouraging the people in the system, and by understanding what the school can and cannot do. This book will help you become an informed parent acting responsibly for positive results.

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Uh-Oh, You Have a Goose on Your Roof

Sarah warns her granddad not to honk his horn, but he won’t listen. Find out what happens in this tale of driving etiquette in Boston. This book is written by Nancy Devlin, a school psychologist, and richly illustrated by Jared Perella.

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