Dr. Devlin…encourage[s] parents and educators to reorder their priorities and, in doing so, to encourage their children to find value in themselves, their family, friends and community.

Bill Bradley
United States Senator

The essays, by the way, are beautifully written: simple, direct and yet they deal with complex issues and ideas.

Dr. Jack Bardon
Psychologist, University of North Carolina

[The] articles reveal considerable insight into the problems facing our nation’s schools.

Russel R. Mack
Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

…right on target.

John I. Goodlad
Author of A Place Called School
Professor, University of Washington, Seattle

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your Essays on Education article, ‘Give Kids Time to be Themselves’. My most sincere hope is that unimaginable amounts of adults will read this and let it sink in.

Plainsboro, NJ

…I must tell you that since I’ve begun reading your articles and find them so ‘right on the mark’, that when I sit down to read the Sunday papers the first thing I do is look for your article to read first.

Plainfield, NJ

Your column, and all the wisdom it imparts, is the main reason I continue to receive the Sunday paper [Star-Ledger]. I find myself flipping quickly thru all other sections and moving them to the recycle pile, but searching for Today’s Parents in Accent, reading it thoroughly, and putting it in the pile of articles to save.

Wayne and Carol
Washington, NJ

I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time… You are one of the few professionals in the field with whom I agree on virtually every topic! In fact, many times when I read your column, I feel as if I’ve written it myself!

Lynn and Sam
Princeton Junction, NJ